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Akila Rudrasingam
for TDSB Trustee
Ward 22
"For Our Children's Tomorrow, Vote For Me October 22nd"

It is in my strongest belief that being a trustee is of great importance for one in this role to bring a community together. As being your trustee, I would do so by being a valuable asset to the community, as well as being a powerful advocate for your children and their needs. I will not only be a valued asset in the community but an individual who will go above and beyond to serve my community and help connect families of the community to the many educational resources that are available.


As being a mother to three wonderful children of my own, those of you who already know me well, know that I am very passionate about education and fostering youth success. I have come across meeting many parents and the children my kids attend school and recreational activities with, and being deeply involved and joined with my community, it is crucial to me that their voices are heard through a confident and responsible trustee they trust thus far. With that being said, I would very much want to make sure that all children of the community receive a sufficient amount of resources to education, as I want to see all youth grow and succeed.


As being your trustee, I am fully committed to a respectful and inclusive working and academic environment for the children of our community. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting more about the strategies that will help me achieve my campaign objectives.

Neighborhood BBQ

Making positive difference to our kids learning

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